Zumba without the stress?

I am so fed up with the Zumba classes at 24Hour Fitness. The gym that I go to – about a year ago – lost part of it’s class space – so they’ve only had one small classroom. They have no plans to expand or move to a bigger location. Basically this is the “budget” 24hour fitness. The bigger one – the one right next door – is the “Super Sport” building. Membership costs twice as much – I’ve never been in there, so I don’t know if their classrooms are bigger. But I get the impression that being the cheaper memberships of the two – corporate probably wouldn’t care if the roof started leaking – they’re not putting money in it – much less expand it or make the classrooms bigger.

They *do* limit the number of people that can be in the class – I think it’s 30 or 40… it doesn’t matter. The class is still too crowded. And either way – the problem I keep running into are just rude people. The only way I can see solving that one is putting tape down on the floor and designating spots. You see, I get a MUCH better workout if I can actually see the instructor. Makes sense. If I can see her, I can pick up what she’s doing quickly, and get into the rhythm more quickly, and then be working out more. If I have to spend the first half of the set trying to figure out what she’s doing – yes I’m moving, but it’s not as intense as when I know I’m doing the right move. So I get to the class 30mins early – so I can be one of the first ones in line to get in. When I get in, I try to get into the front row. Without fail – one of the following happens after that: Someone comes in and rather than stand a reasonable distance apart, they get up RIGHT behind me so that when I’m moving around, I can’t move as big because I’ll be bumping into them. OR I get someone who stands RIGHT in front of me (yes, I’m already in the front row – but I guess they figure they’ll make a “new” front row) but really that’s too close too the wall, so during the class they eventually keep pushing back further and further and I’m back and can’t see the instructor anymore.

Last night was no exception. Same routine. This time 3 people stood directly in front of me. 2 were friends of the instructor and were pissed I think they got there late and refused to stand in the back. Another was some guy I’ve never seen before. Same thing – they pushed me back, I couldn’t see the instructor and I’d had enough of it. I asked the guy to slide over a bit so I could squeeze in that row so I could see the instructor. He refused – insisting that I should be able to see better on an angle where I was. (except that one of the 2 instructor-friends was blocking me (she was large). So I told him he was welcome to stand where I was if he thought the view was better. So he switched with me – after one set I asked him if HE could see better there and he just kind of grumbled. I offered to make room for him – but again, he just grumbled.

I’m so done. Seriously. I want to work out and lose weight – and the class is becoming more stress than it’s worth. I was looking online and saw that there is an XBOX 360/Kinect game: Zumba Fitness – Kinect. In fact there is a new one coming out in just a few days: Zumba Fitness Rush

(Ironically – the new Zumba game appears to come with a trial membership to 24Hour Fitness. ROFL. DO NO WANT! LOL) The real question will be if I will be as consistent doing the game/class at home as when I take it at 24Hour (where I have to sign up for the class a month in advance to be guaranteed to get in the class at all. Oh, did I mention that too? Annoying!!)

So, comeĀ  February 13th – I’m running out and getting Zumba Fitness Rush. I’ll definitely post my results/review.

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