Climbing Camp

TMomentum offers. (They’re an “Indoor Rock Climbing Gym” here in Utah) If you live near by and are looking for a cool camp for your kids, definitely check them out. Rachel loved it. She did it last year too, and I can’t believe how quickly she scales those walls now! She’s like Spiderman. LOL! They run weekly and on the last day – they have a pizza party and a “reptile show”. When I went a little early to pick her up on Friday, I got to see one of the huge snakes they regularly bring to this show. HUGE. Amazing to look at… from a few feet away. 😉

As for an update on our dog: He’s still at the vet/hospital. Yesterday morning I thought he had given up – but we started a new treatment last night, and it’s given me a little hope. We’ll find out for sure tonight whether this will hold him for a while. He’s an old dog, so we’re on borrowed time – but I would really love to have a few more months with him.

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