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Unfortunately, I do not yet have an iPad. I do plan on buying one within the next year or so – probably waiting until version 2 is released and my husband is employed again. Heh. However, I’ve gotten a few requests to review iPad games, so I have enlisted the help of an official iPad app tester: My mother! :) Since she often entertains grandchildren aged 3 to 13, she’ll be able to see how an app appeals to a wide range of ages. Here is her first review of My Numbers.


Review by Esther Makower

My Numbers is designed to help a preschool child master numbers from 1-10. The visuals are slick and beautifully crafted. The buttons are big and easy for a child to navigate while having a very satisfying three-dimensional, tactile quality, seeming to actually depress and click realistically. A color wheel allows the child to change the colors of the buttons on the screen. A number of pleasant melodies (even to the ears of an adult) can be selected to accompany the game as well. Another set of buttons provides a choice of objects to count (fish, birds or flowers) which appear on the screen when the corresponding number button is depressed.

As each of the ten number buttons is pressed, a child’s voice calls out the number and an object appears on the screen. A child can also press on the objects that appear on the screen to elicite the vocalized number.

Although My Numbers is rated as 4+, my 3 year-old granddaughter, Leah, enjoyed it immensely. She delighted in changing the colors and music, calling out the numbers as she pressed each button. My grandson, Joey, 4 ½, said it was “cool” but wanted to “turn off the voice” so that he could show me how well he could count all by himself.

The overall appeal of My Numbers would be best for a toddler who is just beginning to learn numbers. Its exciting visuals, fun sounds and music with voiceovers are designed to aid in the development of hand-eye coordination and to spark an interest in math basics.

Perhaps in another version, it would be nice to see some additional features that would provide more of a challenge for the older preschool child.

You can see a YouTube video of the app here.

My Numbers: $2.99* Price has dropped to $0.99!

*price at the time of this review.

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