The Reading Game – iPhone App

TGo download it and check it out! Here’s some info sent to me by the developer:

First of its Kind: Rewards and Tracking as Kids Read Their Books

Parents Can Give Their Child the Gift of Reading

Just in time for summer reading assignments! The Reading Game makes reading books more exciting and fun than ever before. With over 100 rewards to unlock, this game transforms daily reading into kids’ favorite thing. It is simple and easy to use.

Students are already hooked on technology. Now they can harness that energy to prevent the summer slide that causes them to shed their academic skills. This new game encourages students to read every day, to track their reading and be rewarded every time they read.

This app was designed to sustain and improve youngsters’ academic skills. The Reading Game provides the incentive to read more books and receive immediate rewards.

Using The Reading Game, kids can unlock special characters such as the parachuting squirrel, the cute puppy, the weight-lifting robot, the guitar-playing penguin, the surfing alien, and the water-skiing mouse. After they enter the names and total pages of their books, The Reading Game keeps track of the pages they have read and unlocks their rewards. There are over 100 appealing sound effects and songs to unlock as the user reads. While viewing their rewards, users can shake and tilt their phones or iPads to create wild sound effects.

• Offers over 100 animations.
• Offers over 100 sounds and songs.
• Responds to shaking and tilting with original sounds from the sound rewards.
• Calculates how many pages are left to read.
• Displays the percentage of the book that has been completed.
• Keeps track of the reader’s current page like a bookmark.
• Tracks reading progress with as many books as the user likes.

You can find more info and videos on their site here.

The Reading Game: FREE!*

*Price at time of this post.



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