Dr.Seuss Earth Day iPhone Apps

I‘ve already posted a review of The Lorax and Lorax Garden, but in honor of Earth Day thought I’d mention again how great these two are. They actually compliment each other really well. I particularly like the narration in The Lorax. It’s really well done. In general, I love Dr. Seuss books, but there is definitely a “downer” aspect to The Lorax story. The Once-ler destroys everything and leaves it up to YOU to clean it all up, or else nothing is going to get better. But the Lorax Garden iPhone app game is a pefect follow up to the story, as it picks up where the book left off and has you planting Traffula trees and flowers and rebuilding the forests. It’s definitely fun to have both of these two together.

Here again are the links if you’d like to check them out:

The Lorax eBook: $3.99

The Lorax Garden: $2.99

Happy Earth Day!

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