Trying not to judge but worrying just the same

I know for a fact that my family sticks out like a sore thumb where we live. We are very different here. Who knows, maybe people look at us and feel there is something seriously wrong with us. (In some ways they’re right. LOL!) Whether they’re right or wrong, it’s who we are and we’re ok.

Every now and then I run across a kid or family that I just get a strange gut feeling about. To do anything more than ponder would be to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong. Recently it’s been this one family I’ve been worrying about. I see the boy and he looks so terribly terribly sad. Every day. I see his sister and she looks awkward in her own skin and also sad. I see their father and he seems to be barely notice the two of them and just rushes to get away from them. I see them every morning and it’s absolutely none of my business but I worry about them. I worry about those kids and wonder if they’re alright and hope there’s someone whose business it is, is making sure they’re ok.

You hear terrible stories on the news about kids being hurt, and you think – couldn’t someone have done something?? Didn’t anyone notice anything strange? But really how do you draw the line between being nosey? I just have to walk away and try to ignore my gut feeling and hope I’m just imagining it.

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