Cheaters and Murderers

When the news broke out about Tiger Woods, honestly I really didn’t care. It was none of my business. He wants to go sleep around, the tabloids report about it. Certainly I thought a lot less of him, but I didn’t have my nose glued to every article about it because I really could care less. (And actually, I would have been fine if they taked a little less about it. Is the news really THIS slow that Tiger’s love life is the most interesting thing to report about?)

BUT I did happen to notice an article this morning about other “disgraced” athletes – Time magazine lists their “Top 10“. Tiger is of course at the top. But what I’m confused about is that O.J. Simpson is number 3. Wait a minute. So a guy that everyone pretty much suspects got away with murder is number THREE. That doesn’t even qualify for making the number one spot?? People really confuse me.

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  1. coco
    Apr 8, 2010

    I think this Tiger Wood news is too over-reported! And I’m amazed it’s still going on! Why is it news that some famous men cheat?! It’d be news if they don’t cheat! lol!

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