15 iPhone Apps I Really Like – iPhone App Roundup

Since the last time I did a big round up of apps, I’ve downloaded a bunch more on my own. I know previously I’ve only focused on kids apps, the adults have to have some fun too! 😉 Here’s the ones that I’m currently enjoying:

Bank of Mom ($1.99*) – I got this to keep track of allowance money that Rachel had been earning. The fact of the matter had been that anytime she wanted something, I was usually with her, and it was easier for me to buy it for her and have her “pay me back” rather than make her lug a purse with money around. Of course, more often than not, I would forget to request the money, and she would end up with a freebie. Keeping track of the money on my phone makes this a lot easier. The app also helps track non-monetary privileges as well.

Boggle ($1.99*) – This is the classic game of Boggle. While I did buy this app, and I do enjoy using it, Word Scramble by Zynga (Free!) has basically the same features, and in some ways I like Word Scamble a little better. Both are pretty good though.

Dropbox (Free!*) – If you don’t already have a Dropbox account – you need to sign up and get one. Seriously. This is a great FREE! service that lets you share and store files. It does require you to install some software on your computer, but then it basically sets up a folder on your machine that remains in sync with others that you’re sharing files with. In any case, they made an iPhone app so you could connect to this folder as well and have access to all those files right on your iPhone. If you or someone you’re sharing the file with makes a change to the file – all devices/computers get the updated version. You can also restore an older version, or access all your files from a web login. You get 2GB of free space, or you can upgrade and pay for more space. Seriously. Just go get it. (Disclosure: By signing up from the link provided here, I get some bonus disk space.)

Falling Balls (Free!*) is just a weird game. It’s hand drawn (I actually really like these types of low-tech graphics). I think I originally downloaded it just out of curiosity but it is pretty funny. You tilt the phone back and forth to make the little guy run away from various sized falling balls. Should you not time things right, and get squashed by the ball, the ball squishes the little dude leaving a nice little gory splat.

Kinetic Balls (Free!*) – Just about as much fun as the real thing, except a lot cheaper (as in free) and doesn’t take up space on your desk. This one comes with a variety of different balls. (For example, you can have kinetic basketballs. There’s also the standard metal balls but in various color shades)

Pocket Universe ($2.99*) and Star Walk ($2.99*) – I actually can’t decide which of these two apps I like most. They both have some great features. If you ever want to find a particular star, planet or constellation, or see something in the sky and wonder what it is, you will love both of these applications. If you have a 3GS (I don’t, WAAA! LOL!) then you will love some of the additional features added for that model: you can hold your phone up and move it around and it will pan the sky as you move. You can do this manually if you don’t have a 3GS. Obviously, it’s not as cool as having the newer model iPhone, but you probably already know that.

Qik Live (Free!*) and Qik Video Camera (for any iPhone!) ($1.99*) – If you don’t have a 3GS and have been envious of its video capability, then I have an end to your envy. Qik can do video on any iPhone. I’m not kidding. I was over the moon when I found this out. Qik Live will upload your videos and store them on the Qik site – or if you can spare the $1.99, then you create videos you keep on your phone too. A very useful feature allows you to download the videos from your phone onto a computer via a browser by accessing a specific IP address when you’re on the same network.

Rock Band Free (obviously free*) and Rock Band ($6.99*) – Kind of like Tap Tap Revenge, but I kind of like this better. I like how the tracks don’t play unless you hit the notes right and you can choose which you want to play: Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass. I haven’t coughed up the money for the paid version of the app. I like playing but I kind of suck at the game. LOL! So I’ve just been having fun with the one song on the the free version, but if I get a little better, I can see myself buying the full version so I can get access to the other songs they have available.

Sims3 ($6.99*) – I actually downloaded this one a few months ago when they had a special deal on it (I think it was on sale for $4.99 at the time and knowing it originally had a higher price and would probably go back up, I went ahead and bought it). I’m not really into playing the Sims – at least I haven’t played it in years, but this game was fun. From what I can tell, it’s not as elaborate as the “real” Sims games, but if you need a quick fix on you phone, it’s fun. I was playing it a lot when I first got it, but haven’t really played with it since then.

Ski Utah (Free) – Well now that I’m into skiing of course I had to go ahead and download an app like this. Just a nice easy way to see how all the local (to me) resorts are doing. I do wish that the app also had direct links to trail maps.

Sudoku ($1.99*) – I’m pretty sure I paid more for this app, but I think it’s really well done so I don’t regret buying it. There are a lot of Sudoku type apps on the app store and I swear I’ve downloaded at least half of them. I think this one has the best, simplest, easiest to use interface. I really like that you can even enter in a puzzle you found in a newspaper so you can use it’s interface to work on it. Still, it’s not perfect – I REALLY wish there was an undo button. Sometimes, by accident, I’ll bump a number and it will add or remove a candidate from a square, and I won’t know what I did. I also wish that the “newspaper puzzle” mode – would hold the finished puzzle a little longer. Sometimes just solving the puzzle isn’t enough. I may want to actually write out my answer on the newspaper and show someone the proof that I did the whole thing. Still, this is the app that I’ve been playing the most the last few months. Completely addicted. I’m only doing their “insane” level puzzles, and it inspired me to learn some new strategies. (Learned with the help of this website – the nice thing about that puzzle solver website is that it walks through step by step HOW to solve the puzzle – not just giving you the answers. So when I’ve gotten stuck, I can enter what I’ve done in the puzzle solver and just have it explain to me how I get to the next step of the puzzle and what strategy it used to get there.) It would be kind of cool if the app had that built in too, but I know I’d be pushing my luck. LOL!

Twittelator Pro ($4.99) – This is my twitter app of choice. I’ve download and bought a few, but this is the one I like the best. There is a free version too. It works with your lists, and I just really like it’s interface.

*Price(s) at time of this writing.

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  1. Shelagh
    Feb 8, 2010

    Bank of Mom looks good, I’ve just been and snagged that one :)

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