Free iPhone Games

Just in case you were feeling too scroogy for the holidays (like I always do) 😉 there’s a number of free iPhone games floating around you can scoop up. First, head over to the appvent calendar – a free app every day until X-mas.

As mentioned on Mashable (where I found out about the appvent calendar), Ramp Champ is a really good and fun free iPhone app (it’s kind of like that skee-ball game. I still contend that skee-ball app is better, and worth the money, but if you’re not a skee-ball freak like me, then you’ll probably be satisfied with this free version. Not sure how long it will be free though, so hurry…)

I also downloaded the free lite version of Mad Libs, which I have to say is VERY cool (I’ll most likely be upgrading and buying the full version as soon as I get bored with the lite version… which may yet take awhile because the lite version is pretty good as is!!)

Updated: OH! Found another via iPhone Mom: Santa’s Village. This one’s free for a limited time too so hurry…

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