Custom Monsters

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*disclosure: I just signed up as an affiliate (figured I might as well since I was going to link to them anyway). So if you click the image above and make a purchase, I do get a commission.

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  1. Gillian
    Nov 8, 2009

    Thank you for posting this! I was just having one of my regular post 10pm Sunday night conversations with a friend about how to spice up some lessons this week, (we’re both teachers.) My friend mentioned how she wanted her students to create something funny and then use their creative writing skills to write a story about their creation. My friend was going to bring in all these art materials etc. and spend a day for students to create a monster (her thoughts.) She mused that since it is the end of the marking period and time is really short this week, she was wondering if she could assign the creating a monster thing for homework. I told her about your post and she is going to use it! You just saved her loads of time, not to mention the time saved byat least 50 moms and dads who would have spent time helping their children! She isn’t asking students to actually buy the monsters, just create and print them. Sorry you wont get the commission you deserve since they won’t actually be buying them, but thought you’d appreciate knowing the ripple effect you had on helping to create a fun lesson and minimize the amount of work by parents. Thank you!

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