Heal the Heel

MheeltasticHeel Tastic” product. It looked interesting and I really wanted to try it, but wasn’t interested in paying for shipping, etc.

I went to Walmart the other day and while standing in the checkout line saw they were selling it. Impulse buy – but I figured I’d give it a try. Put it on that night before bed and was immediately impressed with what it did to my heels. I *did* put socks on because I was concerned about it leaving marks on the sheets, and I put it on again in the morning and again, my heels looks SO MUCH BETTER. And it’s not just because this stuff has just went on. I can put lotion on my feet and it really doesn’t have the same kind of effect that the Heel Tastic did. I’m seriously going to go back and pick up a bottle or two more. Nothing I’ve ever tried has worked as well as this stuff did.

I’ve seen them selling this stuff all over the place online, but if you have a Walmart nearby, go see if they happen to have it there and save yourself the shipping.

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