Sharing Apps on Multiple Computers

This is totally new to me, and I can’t believe I didn’t already know this, but just like with music you purchase from iTunes, you can authorize up to 5 devices to use an application you have purchased and downloaded. I just found that out from reading iPhone Mom. She had linked to this video which explains how – it’s really simple. The short version is: when you’re in iTunes, looking at your app collection, you can just drag the app from itunes to your desktop and you get a file with the extension .ipa. Get this file to the other computer (you can email it – or if it’s over a network, just drop it on a shared folder, etc.) From the other computer, drop the file into itunes or double click it. To authorize it’s use on that computer you’ll have to enter your itunes username and password. Now I can get all these kid games I’ve downloaded onto my HUSBAND’S iPhone so the kids can play with his phone instead of mine!! HAHA!!

UPDATED So I just had to cycle back on to this and explain that I don’t highly recommend this :) especially if you own multiple computers yourself. (ie. home computer, work computer, desktop, laptop, etc.) – You see – when you authorize a computer for the application – it’s not just to use that one application – it’s for your *whole account* – your music, your apps, everything. And you only get to do this with 5 computers total. Also – we ran into some weird issues on my husbands computer where it was getting confused because it didn’t see the computer as being authorized for two accounts at once – so it would switch back and forth between my account and his account (might have been something we were doing wrong too)… in any case. Be forewarned…

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