Flu (do NOT say swine!)

So I’ve apparently come down with some sort of flu. After Tuesday’s Hip Hop Hustle class, towards the evening, my legs started aching. I figured it was just from the class – although it’s not usual for me to get so achy like that, especially when, as I had said originally, I hadn’t really pushed myself that hard during the class. The next day I woke up with a really bad headache and my lymph nodes were swollen on the back of my neck. I tried to head it off with Motrin, and took it throughout the day, but it didn’t seem to really want to let go. THEN when I woke up today… the headache was still there, my neck was KILLING me, every muscle in my body ached and I just felt BAD. Time to call the doctor.

She did not test me for swine flu, because in the end, the treatment she was going to give me would be the same. (Tamiflu) She asked me if I had chills or a fever – at the time, I didn’t have those symptoms, but by the afternoon I did. My fever spiked to 102 this afternoon and I had major chills. Felt like all my skin was contracting without my control.

I’ve never had anything like this before. I don’t have any respiratory issues except for the fact that this morning it felt like someone was sitting on my chest making it difficult for me to breathe. No runny nose. No cough. I started the Tamiflu immediately (hopefully that will help shorten the length of this) and I loaded up on Motrin to get my fever down, and pain meds to deal with all the aches. So now I’m sort of feeling okay – but just can’t seem to get my body temperature to normalize. I get under the covers under the bed and I literally sweat. I get on top of the covers, and I freeze. I’m kind of wiped out, but not tired.

I’ve locked myself away in the bedroom and Sam is currently taking over all kid-related duties – I really do NOT want them to get this. Zachary snuck away from him tonight and came in the room asking for a hug. I felt so bad shooing him away (of course I explained to him it was because I was sick and I didn’t want him to get it too) I said goodnight to Rachel via the phone on intercom. :(

The other not so nice side of this: I don’t have time to be sick. (Who does) I just got a new client – so this is their first impression of me. I have a major project due this week. I have a bunch of new projects starting next week. Aside from the fact that Sam is going to go crazy if he is in charge of the kids for too many days, Rachel’s birthday party is next weekend. 1) I’ve got to be better by then!!! and 2) NO ONE ELSE CAN GET SICK before then. I will feel terrible if I have to cancel her party. We actually haven’t done a birthday party for her in a few years. So this was going to be a big deal for her.


P.S. (Oh and just because I’m on the subject of complaining – so I’m stuck in the bedroom – why is there nothing but crap on the TV?? None of my favorite shows are on)

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