15 More iPhone Applications for Kids (Part II)

And now for our next installment of “There are so many kid-apps on my iPhone that the kids think my phone actually belongs to them”… (If you missed the first post – I originally listed 20 games my kids loved playing on my iPhone)

carriesdots1) Carrie’s Dots (Free version)
Do you remember when you were a kid, and to pass time waiting at a restaurant, you used to draw this grid of dots – each person took a turn connecting the dots with vertical or horizontal lines – when you made a box – you got a point, and also got to take another turn… That’s this game. Kids love it. Still does a great job of passing time while waiting in a restaurant.

koipond2) Koi Pond (Full Version)
I’m kind of surprised I didn’t mention this one in my first listing. I think this was one of the very first apps I downloaded when I bought my phone. Cute little app. Has sound effects in the background. The fish swim around. Touch the pond to scare them away (my 3 year old son loves doing that WAY too much) – shake the phone to feed the fish. The graphics and interaction are well done.

match3) Memory Match (Free version | Full Version – Child Development | Full Version – anime match)
A simple memory game with cute little cartoon animals to pair up.  I’m not sure why there’s the different full versions. We’ve been using the free one and have been happy with it.

izoo4) iZoo (Free version | Full version)
This is a cute little app that plays various animal sounds. My one complaint is that some of the animal sounds are quite a bit louder than others. So randomly, my son will be playing with the phone and scare the crap out of me because I wasn’t expecting to hear a Baboon screech at that particular moment. Also – if you start to fumble to turn the volume down – you will discover that the APPLICTAION’S volume is only controllable WHILE IT IS MAKING NOISE. If you start turning the volume down when it is not screeching – you are only turning down your phone’s ring volume. The baboon will still be screeching just as loud the next time you click on the picture. If you are quick, you can turn down the app’s volume while it is making noise. So yea, it would be nice if there were more easily accesible volume controls – and if the animal noises had been processed so that one isn’t whisper quiet – while another is deafeningly loud.

5) Four Free (Free version | Full version)
Remember that Connect-Four game? Same thing – without all the little chips to lose.

6) Morocco (Free version)
Remember Othello? Again, same thing, without all the little chips to lose.

toddlershapes7) Toddler Teaser Shapes (Free version)
My 3 year old son loves this game. It calls a shape, you have to click it – do that enough times and you get a “sticker” to paste on the page. This developer also makes a number of other cute toddler games I’m tempted to download.

sneezies8 ) Sneezies (Free version | Full version)
This is a cute and weird game. There’s these little fuzzy guys floating around in bubbles. You get one chance to click in a spot on the screen and it starts a chain reaction. If one of the fuzzy guys is within range – his bubble will pop. His popping bubble will cause nearby bubbles to pop and so on. The goal is to clear as many of the guys on the screen as possible. Like I said, weird. (But fun)

butterflies9) Butterflies (Free version | Full version)
You can change your background, and which butterflies will appear on the screen. Touch the screen and some butterflies will “land” on your finger.

10) Dino Mixer (Full version)
dinomixerKind of like a slot machine but with different dino parts. You can mix and match and make your own dinosaurs. If you find the correct matching parts to the dinosaur, it will tell you the name of the dinosaur. I could see some ways they could expand the app – like actually SAYING the name of the dinosaur when you get it (sometimes those pronunciations can be tricky!) or giving you a random factoid about the dinosaur. Or for fun – giving you the made up name of your mixed-and-matched dinosaur… But it’s still a cute app even without that.

preschoolarcade11) Preschool Arcade (Full version)
3 games are included with this one. A “claw” like game where you have to pick up the shape that matches the silhouette. There’s a toddler space invader type game, and a pinball like game. (The pinball game is weird, and I just don’t get it. My son plays with the claw game mostly) The main reason I got this game is because I liked the next one so much that I wanted to try a few others from this developer.

makeamartian12) Make a Martian (Full version)
This game is VERY cute and simple. There are various martian body-parts you can change, you can also change the martian’s colors to create your own unique martian.

petplaypen13) Pet Playpen (Full version)
My (almost) 9 year old daughter liked playing this game. You can pick three animals to have as pets. Feed them, play with them, clean up their poop. Can it get more fun than that??

spazzle14) Spazzle (Free version | Full version)
Basically whack-a-mole. The twist with this game is occasionally other animals pop up that you are NOT supposed to whack – so you can’t just go whacking animals willy-nilly. Well almost. Download the game at your own risk, and hopefully your 3 year old won’t bang his hand on the screen in an attempt to whack as many creatures as once. (Disturbing on many levels.) Hey, there’s also an alien version.

colorama15) Colorama (Full version)
I saved the best one for last. This is my favorite of the list. The drawings are adorable, and there’s lots of them. The color picker is really cute. You can save your colored drawing, or go back and edit it (when you complete the drawing, it plays a little fanfare) Definitely worth the mere $.99!

I should also add, that I finally caved in and bought the full version of the Balloon Animals game. The kids have just loved this game, and really wanted to see some new animals. The additional animals you get with the paid version are very cute and the kids have been having a lot of fun with them.

Have2Pee (Free version)
So this isn’t a “kid-app” exactly – but if you have kids, you’ve probably been in the situation of needing to find the nearest bathroom as soon as possible!!! I haven’t yet had to put this app to use, but I have it now at the ready should the emergency arise!

There’s still a ton more apps on my phone that I didn’t mention yet – so another iPhone apps for kids review post will be coming again soon. Stay tuned!


  1. graham
    Aug 4, 2009

    An iPhone kids application you may want to check out is iStoryTime. It’s a library of narrated and illustrated kids books for the iPhone. There are 6 books available in the Apple AppStore today: http://www.istorytimeapp.com/appstore With new ones coming out every week.

    Great for driving in the car, on the airplane, or at a restaurant waiting for the bill when the kids are going crazy.

    Books are $1.99/ea from iTunes and can also be purchased on your phone from anywhere. Great for entertaining the kids in a guilt free way. All the wholesomeness of a book with the convenience of your phone.


    Website: http://www.istorytimeapp.com
    On the AppStore: http://www.istorytimeapp.com/appstore

  2. maura
    Aug 7, 2009

    My friend just forwarded me a link to your blog about apps. I LOVE it, and its going to keep the kids off my back for days, so THANK YOU!!

  3. Joe Johnson
    Aug 27, 2009

    Here’s a new one we just launched: MonsterABC – yes, yet another ABC game – but we think this one is different.

    Let us know what you think.

    We are launching a special promotion late next week – we’re going to include a FREE PC/Mac version of the game with every purchase.

    MonsterABC $.99

    MonsterABC is the latest in early childhood development tools – built specifically for the iPhone.

    Join the Monster as he explores the alphabet, sounding out letters and words.

    Letters – Explore the alphabet by clicking letters. Tap the monsters at the top of the screen to move through the alphabet. Don’t forget to tap the picture at the bottom to hear the word sounded out.

    Words- The word at the bottom of the screen is missing a letter. Tap the missing letter at the top of the screen to fill it in.

    Don’t forget to turn your sound on! And have fun!


  4. theRab
    Sep 25, 2009

    If you’re looking for sounding pictures for the youngest, try the “Winzki Apps” on http://www.Winzki.de

    I made them for my little boy, and he insists on testing them over and over 😉
    These very nice apps have been specifically designed for the use by young children. (And you don’t need to blow into the phone 😉 ) For example: If you swipe, it even works when another finger rests on the display.

    Of course, there’s a “Lite Winzki” for free, so you can try it out. More themes are “Farm Winzki“, “Home Winzki“, “Build Winzki“, “Cute Winzki” and even more…

    Have fun !

  5. Tata
    Oct 5, 2009

    ABC Zoo – is a nice iPhone application for small kids.

    website: http://www.xoxol.net
    How-it-works video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ciKEnNpIo4

  6. LER
    May 24, 2010

    For little ones (1 to 3 years) there is a great app called Easy Coloring Pad. Most of the coloring/doodling apps out there are complicated requiring lots of buttons/screens to even change color or erase. Great for older kids, not so much for young toddlers. I found my daughter got frustrated and I had to keep helping her which sort of defeated the purpose of keeping her entertained while I was driving for example. At any rate, this app is SO easy and keeps our little one occupied on short drives, while dining out, or waiting for an appointment. Check it out:

    It’s great on the iPhone and even better on the iPad because of the increased screen size. Fun to see kids free draw at such a young age!

  7. Philippa Maze
    Dec 27, 2010

    I also have Koi Pond on my iPhone as well as Pet Playpen. My 5-year old daughter also loves Pet Playpen. What is it with young girls and virtual pets? Anyway, I love the idea you have for Dino Mixer. I might download it if they consider your ideas.

    Also, for mommies out there, especially for working moms like me, a super app I’d like to recommend is Intuition. It helps me balance my time by managing my tasks, to-dos, appointments and even my shopping list. I also love its feature which helps me delegate errands to my husband via email, Facebook or Twitter. And you have nothing to lose because it’s completely free! Check it out on http://www.iconapps.com/product.htm


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