Some weight you don’t want to lose

I signed up for a few personal training sessions a few months ago. I’ve spaced them out with the idea that I could do some work on my own then check back with the trainer for futher advice. Unfortunately, I haven’t made the most of the last few months as far as strength training goes. I met with him anyway knowing that he was going to remind me why I really need to get the strength training back in.

As expected, I have lost a fair amount of weight since the last time I had my measurements taken. Inches came off everywhere (I’ll have to get and post the tally *see stats at bottom of post) but he told me that, without the resistance training, you can expect to lose between 2-3lbs of lean body mass (muscle) for every 10lbs of weight you lose. (Obviously you don’t want to do that. The idea is to be lean and mean – not lean and unhealthy.) And he was almost spot on. I’d lost 13lbs since the last time I was measured, and 2.3lbs of that was lean body mass. BOO! :(

So yes, I need to get the weights back into the routine. There’s so many obstacles – the biggest one being that right now, I’d rather be doing stuff outside; running, walking or biking. And of course there’s the issue that I’m just not into weight lifting. It’s not a whole lot of fun. But neither is losing muscle – so yeah, I know, I know. I’ve got to try and work it in, even just once a week is better than nothing.

* Here are the stats of # inches I’m down: (first number is how much from last time, second number is how much from the first time I was measure in February)
neck: .25″ (1.75″)
chest: 2.25″ (3.25″)
biceps: 1″ (2″)
forearm: .5″ (.5″)
waist: 1″ (1.25″)
hips: 1″ (2″)
thigh: 2″ (4.75″) (WOW! That is crazy.)
So a total of 8″ since last time, 15.5″ total.

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