Life getting in the way of health

It seems contrary to say that life could get in the way of health. If you are truly living a healthy lifestyle – wouldn’t health just be a part of life? That would be nice, but I think sometimes I continually battle to live that healthy lifestyle, and obstacles are always in the way of that. It is always a constant challenge. I have to accept that sometimes, living a health lifestyle doesn’t mean living it every second of every day. I am human, sometimes I lose focus, get distracted, have other priorities I need to deal with. And yes, that sometimes means forgetting about the “diet” (Sorry – not diet – HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!) 😉

The past week has been a perfect example of life getting in the way of health. I had two social events last week that impacted my dinner – My tickets for Harry Potter were on the early-ish side and that meant either completely skipping dinner or grabbing something from the movie theatre. (Neither option a particularly healthy one). The next night was a Margarita BBQ party. I planned on not overdoing it, and I didn’t totally pig out, but probably could have done better. Then the next day my daughter got sick at camp in the middle of the day, so I had to run and get her, get her to the doctors, run and get her medicine. She seemed better the next day, sent her back to camp, only to have to repeat the whole process again. Both nights, dinner became whatever was fast and convenient (which also usually means not the healthiest). Then on Monday night, Sam and I had our first date night in several months and we wanted to sample a number of foods from a nearby restaurant. This time, I KNOW I’ve done better.

(As another example – if you look at my weight chart on the right – you’ll see a huge drop and then a huge spike in the middle. That would definitely be life getting in the way of health. At that time in my life there were some significant events – one that made me stop eating completely for a few days, and then shortly after that a lot of traveling which made me eat food on the go. I think it took a while for my body and metabolism to recover from all that!)

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the interesting thing was that last week I hit a new milestone. A week ago my weight had been the lowest I’ve ever been able to get it down to. (135.2) I was worried that the past week would have really messed me up – but except for the few pockets of “could have done better” – the rest of the time I was doing okay. If my dinner sucked calorie wise, I had at least watched the calories for breakfast, and lunch and snacks.

So the a few takeaways I wanted to leave you with that I have learned:

1) Just because you blow it on one meal, doesn’t mean you’ve blown it for good. It’s not all or nothing.
If you know you’re going out later that evening, and know you want to be able to eat more “normally” – don’t figure the whole day is a loss and pig out all day. It doesn’t have to be that way. Save it for the party. That way the damage for the day is at least minimized. That’s not to say you should starve yourself during the day – but just keep the calories in a tight check. In the end, you’ll probably do better at the party than you thought, and you won’t have strayed off target too bad.

2) If you forgot to brush your teeth one day, would you throw your toothbrush away and figure the whole point of brushing teeth has been lost?
Of course the answer is no. You’d just brush your teeth the next day and get on with your life. This advice comes from one of the posters on the MyFoodDiary forums. I think it’s a great way of thinking about it. If one week is just a total disaster (like my week has been) keep trying to get back on track. Keep moving on. Don’t give up.

I did the above. Some meals had to slide and I ate more than I should, or the meal wasn’t as healthy as it could have been – but in between I did the best I could to stay on track. Things should start to settle down now. Work is still insanely busy right now, but I’m going to try and keep to the plan. The reminder to me that this is working is that despite the mistakes I made during the week – I still hit a new low today: 135.0lbs. So I only lost .2 lbs for this week – but given all the areas where I know I could have done better – I’m pretty happy with myself.

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