Hello, again!

Welcome to Ver. 2.0 of The Working Mom. There was an older version of the site that has a long history – I originally started blogging in 2001 when most people didn’t even know what blogs were! (And we had to blog up-hill… both ways! No lie!) Amazing how the blogosphere has expanded and changed during that time. The site became password protected in 2003. In late 2005 I started to blog less and less.

In any case, the old blog has been archived away and I am starting over again. My life has changed so much in the last few years. I’ve been wanting to make some changes to the focus of what I talked about here, and I wanted to make my blog public again.

I am also the author of Scriptygoddess – a blog about web development usually focusing on PHP, WordPress, Shopping Cart applications, Javascript and JQuery.

I do freelance web design work: Jennifer Stuart – Online Portfolio

So to answer a few questions:

What is my blog about?

I’m still a “working mom” – I have two kids, DS is 3 and DD is 8. I work from home as a freelance web developer. I create HTML/CSS files/templates, write custom PHP applications, install and customize WordPress. However, the real “techie” posts you’ll have to go to Scriptygoddess for.

I gained a few more pounds than I would have liked after having my son and a huge focus for me the last year or so has been losing that weight and getting into shape. (I’ve now actually lost that weight plus some extra – and am trying to train to run a 5K or something). I also have a goal of buying a bikini and feeling comfortable enough about my body to wear it outside of the house! LOL!

Some posts may come from Twitter. I took a long hiatus from Twitter too, but I’m trying to get back into it. I’m trying to find ways to do the Twitter thing without having it completely distract me. You’re welcome to follow me directly there too: theworkingmom

Some posts may be about food. I might even have a few recipes to share (or more likely links to OTHER PEOPLE’s recipes since I suck at cooking). Sometimes I’ll talk about exercise, or weight loss. Obviously, I’m not an expert, but I think I’ve learned a lot through this process. If I wasn’t doing web design, I think I’d consider becoming a dietitian or something similar – I’d love to be able to help other people get control of their weight.

So to sum it up – my blog is about my life. :)

Site Design

As of this writing, I’m using the Sakura theme. I had wanted to do a theme of my own – but as the saying goes: The shoemakers children have no shoes. So like on Scriptygoddess, I’m using a pre-made theme – of which, thankfully, there are more than a few really nice designs to choose from!


  1. Sara
    Jul 23, 2009

    Jennifer! I’m so glad you did this! :) I really think it’s cool since I thought I would have to log in and here it is out in the open. :)

    I hope you are doing well, I’m SO behind in everything, including everything blog related.

    Visit mine if you get a chance one of these days.


  2. Jennifer
    Jul 23, 2009

    Yeah no more logins! On the plus side, that means easier to access the site, more visitors, etc. – on the downside, I probably can’t bitch as much as before. HAHA!

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