Dog hunt

With the housing issue pretty much settled for now, we have begun our next hunt: the search for a dog. We can’t get one until we get into the house (which is at least a month to two months away) but we’re doing our preliminary research. Obviously key issues are the kids. As well, we want to make sure we get a dog that isn’t too wild. Our home will be on the small side, but I’d like to get a dog that I can take for a run once in a while, so a medium sized dog would probably be best. Some breeds (and cross breeds) we’ve been looking at are:

Golden Doodle


Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

We’ve also considered seeing what the local humane shelters have available – although from what I can tell, the breeds they tend to have the most of are not ones that we’re interested in. (Particularly boxers, pit bulls, and chihuahuas) Sometimes in the mix they might get one that seems interesting, so it will be a waiting game of sorts if we decide to go that route.

We’ve taken a few online quizzes to see what breed would best suit our family and ironically, those also seem to miss the mark. (One actually suggested a St. Bernard. LOL!! Are you kidding? In a small house with no yard?! I don’t think so) One idea we had was to go to a dog park and see a bunch of different dogs in action. Not that the behavior of one is always a representative of the entire breed, but at least it gives you an idea for a range of behavior.

Missing my puppy


life continues


hat is my poor dog. He’s been on Prednazone for a number of weeks and while he needs to be on it to keep him stabilized (we already tried reducing the amount he takes with bad results) the drug itself is causing all kinds of problems. The more annoying of which is it makes him pee. Endlessly. It’s like he manufactures pee from the air he breathes. I couldn’t keep up with all the accidents and even though he looks ridiculous, I broke down and made him a “doggie diaper”. Basically it’s just band that goes around his belly and I line it with an incontinence pad. Does the job. And this way he can still walk freely around the house.

In other news, I haven’t mentioned it on this blog – but I’m speaking at WordCamp Utah. I’m doing a presentation on using WordPress as a CMS. I finally finished making up all my slides and know what I’m going to say and I think it’s going to come out really well – so long as I stop saying “um” in between every other word. I’ve been doing a few practice sessions (including taping a few so I can see how I sound) and that’s the biggest thing I need to fix. I’m thinking shock therapy. I’ll rig it so it zaps me every time I say “um”. Eventually it should work, right? 😉

I’m almost finished reading Ender’s Game and when I do, I’ll write up a review. I had been so proud of myself for how quickly I was able to read through “The Help” – (it only took me about a week – maybe two – that is definitely a record for me – especially for a book that size!) But that was during my vacation. LOL! Definitely hard to keep up that same pace while “normal life” is going on.