Please eat the flowers

This is DEFINITELY NOT on the diet… BUT…

Sam brought home a jar of homemade, unpasteurized honey a coworker of his made. Wow. I guess because it’s unpasteurized, retained in the flavor are all these faint tastes from the actual flowers. I’m sure eating flowers doesn’t taste good, but if it did… this is what it would taste like. Just Wow. I don’t want to know how many calories this stuff is. Denial denial denial. I’m.. uhm… eating it to reduce my sensitivity to the local pollen to lessen my allergies. Yup. That’s what I’m doing.

Before I forget…

Finally tracked down our elusive babysitter so that Sam and I can escape tonight for some alone time. There’s been about a million things I keep meaning to tell him, but someone always interrupts, the phone rings… something happens and I never get to finish my thought. But finally, tonight, there won’t be anyone else to bother us. It will just be him and me. And I can sit across the dinner table from him, peacefully without any interruptions … and completely forget all the things I had meant to tell him throughout the week. =sigh=

Seriously, with mommy brain, how am I supposed remember these things until date night??

Crash and Burnout

I was going to pull a late night tonight and try to get a lot of things that have piled up on my todo list out of the way (it’s going to be another crazy hectic week)… but we went to a BBQ today (which was totally fun!) and now I’m totally wiped. It’s only 10:45pm. I don’t see myself staying up past midnight… =sigh= Maybe I’ll be able to squeeze in some work-time tomorrow. This to-do list is never going to be a done-list. :/

Trains, Planes and Zachmobiles

So many times I have something I want to say, it’s too short for a blog post, but too many characters for a twitter update. I know there was a twitter knock off that let you use as many characters as you wanted, but I’m not quite ready to add another social media outlet to my list. LOL! So blog posts it will be. I’ll put these in a new category: Too Long For Twitter. 😀

I once almost bought a used train table from a woman who said she was selling it because her kids were no longer using it for it’s intended purpose (ie. a TRAIN TABLE) and instead were using it in their attempts to imitate Superman, getting up on top of the table and jumping off. I didn’t end up buying it from her and bought a new set instead but I swear I’m starting to want to sell ours for the EXACT SAME REASON.